Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: Kushyfoot

Earlier this year, when my human resources department announced a major change in our dress code policy, it really didn't excite me as much as my other female co-workers. They finally made the decision to make pantyhose an optional accessory in our everyday attire.

Now, you may be wondering why wouldn't I be ecstatic about this... No more pantyhose during the hot summer months? No more pantyhose squeeeeezing your tummy tight? No more snags, rips, and runs causing you to shell out another $8 every time a pair is ruined?

Truth was - I wanted to wear pantyhose. Not so much for style or for the control top, but I saw it as a necessity. How do I put this delicately... I may have a case of sweaty feet disorder and I felt that the pantyhose kept my feet from ruining my shoes. I hated the feeling of wearing closed toe shoes sans tights and so I figured I was forced to wear pantyhose for the rest of my life...

... and that is when kushyfoot came into my life! They recently sent me some goodies including their amazing foot covers. These are basically a super-thin sock in the shape of a ballet flat... just enough material to cover from your heals to your toes. I actually found that the regular foot covers covered less than the super low cut version. I do wear a size 6 though so if you have longer feet the material would have more room for stretch.

I found that these foot covers were perfect for wear with my Sole Society Camilla smoking loafers because it covers your toes and you are less likely to have anything peeking out. Wearing with regular ballet flats, you could see the foot cover around your toes which I wasn't really a fan of. Definitely prefer wearing my foot covers in secret. Until you know... I share my secret on the blog :)

The foot covers also didn't work with all of my heels but they were perfect for my Sole Society Cameron pumps due to the high back. They do peek out around your toe area as pictured but if I pulled on the material and scrunched it under my toes it would disappear.

Kushyfoot also provides more bang for your buck... Instead of dropping $8 every time you need a new pair of tights, you can get a 6-pack of foot liners for only $24 and these babies last. I've had them for about two months now - I wear a pair almost daily and they are machine washable! Each pair also has a bit of padding for the ball of your feet which can add extra comfort for a worn down pair of shoes. Thanks to kushyfoot, I can now wear my closed-toe heels and flats without worrying about panty hose and knee-high stockings. I've got my eye on the swiss dot pair - can't wait til they come back in stock! If you are feeling extra fancy, try a pair with a Mary Jane strap for a little ruffle across your foot.

Have you tried foot covers? Definitely check out kushyfoot's site and see everything else they have to offer!


Update: Kushyfoot is currently offering 20% off a $40 or more purchase... grab your foot covers before it's too late :)

** I received complimentary samples of kushyfoot's foot covers via Lipton Publicity in exchange for a product review. All opinions are 100% my own **


  1. I'm so behind in the times & just found out about these "mini socks" just recently, but now I can't live without them! I never even thought to wear them with heels #genius :) You should totally do a Favorites post on those heels!!

  2. It's super convenient with heels and smoking loafers! I think I will... thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. They sound like a great purchase!!! I need to try them!


  4. You should! Perfect to wear with flats or heels!