Tuesday, October 22, 2013


tuesday shoesday 10.22.13

I can't believe I hadn't done a Tuesday Shoesday post in months! Well it should be no surprise that although I am not perpetually posting about shoes, I am constantly oogling them - whether it be in store, online, or on other people's feet (it's true... I judge people by their footwear). And of course I am hoping to add some more pumps to my ever-growing collection! The ones featured above can be worn for a range of occasions - some are conservative enough for the office and the more fierce ones  are perfect for a girl's night out. Either way, all of them scream fall to me in terms of color, texture, and detailing!

Happy Tuesday!

PS... my birthday is on Sunday... for those of you who may have forgotten :)


  1. Omg, I was just looking at those purple Steven's yesterday in the mall! I've been wanting a pair of heels with bows on them like the Manolo Blahniks, without the Maonolo Blahnik price tag, of course! Lol, anyway, I can't decide between the black, purple or forest green pair. The only thing I don't like about the purple and green pair, is that the cap of the heel is brown as opposed to purple or green, but on the black shoe, the cap is black, so I'll probably end up going with those. Haha, happy almost birthday, btw! Great shoe pics. :)

    Maya| www.petiteandunique.com

  2. Aren't they adorable?? I didn't notice that the cap is a different color, thanks for pointing that out! I wish they had it in just regular leather tho, I love suede but it's so much harder to take care of! Thanks for commenting! :)