Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hello everyone! LC Kanon here, author of Spring Break and resident expert on unsolicited shoe advice. Today's edition: commuting shoes. There is perhaps nothing quite so maligned for the modern women as the humble commuting shoe. Too sneaker-ish and your mother complains, too cocktail hour and you look like a wobbly train wreck. After several years of working in DC, I know my way around commuting shoes. I’ve done them all, the sneaker (hideous), the pump (insane), before I found several holy grails that offer both style and practicality. Will you find these at your local discount retailer? No, you won’t. But I’ve gone the cheap route and unfortunately have only gotten blisters and 3 months of wear. Demand more for your money ladies! Witness:

The Workhorse

From broken sidewalk to metro straight into an 8AM meeting (seriously, will they stop scheduling those?), the very best commuting shoe that I have found is an AGL. Enough structure to provide comfort and a range of comfortable heel sizes, there is simply no better flat.

  Comfort First

Like the fashionable Kamola with her teeny tiny little feet, you surely have one friend who can wear pretty much any shoe without extreme discomfort. We likewise have other friends (ahem) that have a plethora of foot issues, and suffer in general from picky feet. For these women, the bootie offers exceptional ankle support, and a toe box wide enough to ward off bunions. Wow, this post just got real. 

The After School

While an AGL is super profesh—it is not what you might call sexy. And sometimes a gal has places to GO after work. For her, we need a flirty, comfortable, shoe that makes us feel like a boss lady. For this purpose I heart a sandal, preferably one with straps and a bit o’ heel for sex appeal. Fluevog shoes are my go to for these, because they made a heel super comfy and stylish. Viva! 


  1. I still vote for the sneaker! ;) Sneaker WEDGE that is.

    1. No one rocks a sneaker wedge like Kelley!!

  2. I think that defeats the purpose of commuter shoes hahaha still need to see yours!

  3. Erm...you're right. I'm just obsessed with them.