Friday, June 7, 2013


Dress: H&M (recent) Spiked Heels: Sam Edelman via eBay Belt: off an old H&M shirt Studded Purse: Aldo ($30 on clearance!) Watch: Michael Kors Bracelet: Banana Republic Factory Store

Photos taken by Kelley

89 boxes of shoes on the wall... For the FDxWsalon event a couple weeks ago, I threw on shoe #89, my uhh-mazing Sam Edelman spiked T-strap heels. It was a crazy windy day and slightly overcast so my black leather-trimmed dress was a perfect reflection of the weather outside. To keep my legs warm (and to mask the ghostly white-ness) I threw on a pair of black sheer tights with polka dots for a bit of unexpected fun to my outfit. I felt fierce and fabulous!

Ryan of Fashionisto Diaries hosted this event with the W Salon in Burke, VA. Mainly as a tumblr meet up but there was lots of great information that could be translated into other blogging platforms as well. I also got to hang out with my blogger buddies Kelley and Sarita and meet many other bloggers out there!

I know I instagrammed and tweeted the crap out of this event (evidenced here, here, and here) but I couldn't help but share some more :)

 If you've never met Sue or Souny of the W Salon yet, you must do it, soon! They are the sweetest women you will meet and they are so warm and welcoming. I love chatting with these two!

My week has been all out of whack so sorry that this post is coming up a day late! Happy Friday (finally) everyone and hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. Gorgeous photos dear, love your outfit. the dress is gorgeous and the shoes are amazing!!!! you look stunning!!!!!!

  2. Damn girl! Those shoes are hot!

    Glad you had fun - it looks like it was a great event!


  3. It was a good one! Intimate setting, I love the W Salon! Too bad we missed you... see you at the next one :) & thanks for the shoes comment hehe

  4. Cute! Aren't Sam Edelman shoes the best?! And that H&M dress is killer!

    I'm having a dress giveaway on my blog, enter if you wish :)


  5. Love me some Sam Edelman! Totally drooling over his latest collection... if only they weren't so expensive! :)

  6. Those SE's are just FAB. Always wanted to get them, but never did. Jealous!


    Pursuit of Shoes

  7. OMG I had to SCOUR the web looking for these after seeing them on Saucy Glossie ( and finally got my hands on them via eBay... and it was my first shoe purchase through that source so of course I was nervous as hell that they wouldn't fit and that'd be $90 down the drain! Luckily they fit fabulously and you have no idea how comfortable they are!! I can dance in these babes for 5+ hours and still walk a few blocks ;) thanks for visiting Ashley!!