Thursday, April 18, 2013


Blazer: H&M Pencil Skirt: The Limited (similar, similar, splurge) Lace Top: The Limited (similar, similar) Peep Toes: Zara (throwback! similar, similar in many diff colors) Necklace: The Limited Watch: Michael Kors Chain-link Bracelet: Banana Republic Factory Store (similar) Bangle: Mom's Jewelry Box (love this one with diff color options) Lipstick: Studio Gear Cosmetics - Warm Embrace

Photos by Andrea

Ta-da! Finally, a work outfit! It was promised to you a long, long time ago... hey, I never said I was punctual!

My favorite things to wear to work are skirts and dresses. Mainly because all of my suit pants never fit me quite right but also because it makes me feel oh-so girly and feminine. Being so close to DC, my work has a pretty conservative dress code... but I am always pushing the limits. HR has told me numerous times that I am right on the edge, and I like it like that. I love this faux leather panel on the skirt, gives it that edge I love but I balance it out with a simple black blazer and a white top. When you go with a riskier piece, you want to make sure that you are not way too over the top with the rest of your outfit too. Toning it down with those neutrals and basics is my suggestion for getting away with it ;)

My shoes were a throwback piece as well as a subtle pop of color. You know the #throwbackthursday (or #tbt) tags on instagram/twitter where you post adorable pictures of yourself as a kid (or of a crazy drunken night in college)? Well I want to extend that to my wardrobe! Every week I will be digging into the depths of my closet to find something I haven't worn in ages and find a way to incorporate it into a more modern outfit. These were my first pair of Zara shoes and I bought them in high school on a class trip to NYC. The color and shape drew me in and at the time, they were quite tall for me (they are about 3 inches) but currently it is actually a break for my feet from the usual 4-4.5 inchers I wear! When I pulled them out of their box the other day, my first thought was "OMG they look like bridesmaids shoes." But that characteristic made it the perfect way to soften my leather-ed up look for work!

Oh & as a bonus... here's a picture of me wearing these peeps almost 5 years ago at my high school graduation! Have I changed much?

85 boxes of shoes on the wall...

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  1. totally blown that you didn't post the picture our faces squished together. BLOWN BLOWN. LOL JK

    You're still a goddess ;) RAWR

  2. You got your loving on instagram! <3 you goddess!

  3. Thanks love! Should've captured the moment at dinner afterwards :)