Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Bootie Reigns Supreme

This week's brutally honest (and stomach achingly hilarious) Tuesday Shoesday post is brought to you by LC Kanon of Story Girl Press! Remember the Spring Break interview with her a couple weeks ago? Well she's back today to give you her straight forward opinion on your footwear... and sorry ladies, but I have to say... I agree!


Smart, important-looking, professional women of DC. These boots:


Do not make you look professional. Oh I KNOW what you are saying. I can hear what you are saying to your fancy electronical device as you read this guest blog post. "But they are cute." You say to the screen, squishing your feet in your bright red willies. "And it's raining." You repeat to yourself, your feet reveling in the swampy hot goodness of your Hunter boots. Stop. Just stop! You do not look adorable like this:

You look more like, well, this:

I'm going to blow your mind now. Ready? Here it goes.

Baw! See that? Yes, it's true. Say it with me, BOOTIES! The neat-o thing about leather booties is the fact that they are, in fact, marvelously adaptable in the rainy climes of Washington DC. All leather needs is a swift polish after a minor water incident also known as rain. So unless you live in the rolling English countryside, assisting in irrigating fields and other such manual labor, reclaim your rightful rain-weather footwear. The bootie!