Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break!

You know how I have been screaming waiting for Spring to pop up? Well until the sun decides to peek out from behind those clouds, I've got a little treat for you! LC Kanon, author of Spring Break, is here to tell you a little bit about her book & offer a sweet deal that can mentally transport you to the calm beaches of Cancun... until these girls find themselves involved with some very bad guys!

I read the book myself and was so entranced with the surprising twists and turns! There were times where I literally gasped or was shaking my seat wondering what was going to happen next! I could barely put the book down and I probably could've read through it in one sitting! Read my review here for more, read some more of LC's interviews here (great giveaway too!) and here, and continue reading below for some details on the book & the amazing offer!
How long you've been writing?

I went from compulsive reader to writer in 2007, and this is my first novel. I felt driven to write after reading far too many thrillers featuring "damsels in distress." I really felt compelled to meld the drama of chick lit with action and suspense, so I began writing Spring Break.

Tell us about Spring Break and why you wrote it?

Spring Break is about coeds vacationing in Cancun who run into a Mexican drug cartel. It quickly goes downhill from there, and the girls learn that they must use all their cunning to get out of Mexico alive. The idea was just so compelling I couldn't stop writing. That's when you know you have a good idea, when it just won't leave you alone until you finish it. I feel like I was seeing my characters around me constantly, and it was very inspiring and a great motivation.

Tell us about the mean girls in Spring Break!

It was very hard to make bad-behaving characters likeable. There are some "mean girls" in this book, but in the end I need you to root for them. I definitely channeled my high school and college years for this one, particularly remembering some mean girl interactions I had during those years. I began thinking about how cruel girls can be and how different that is from a very male form of aggression. I tried to combine these opposing roles and basically this group of girls sort of came into my head. They are all beautiful and popular and that, of course, makes them terrifying. I soon wondered what it would be like if thy ran into basically the male versions of themselves in Cancun but these men are linked to a Mexican cartel. The result, I think, is a pretty twisted thrill ride.

Will there be a sequel?

Absolutely, there is a lot left unfinished in Spring Break and it would be nice to go back and tie up some lose ends in a sequel. Several readers have asked me about it and I don't want to let them down.

How does your book, Spring Break, differ from the movie Spring Breakers?

The day before I published Spring Break I read an article about Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine's latest flick. I was really floored that someone else had come up with a similar concept of the girls-gone-bad spring break tale, but on reflection I guess it's not terribly original. Simply put, Harmony is storytelling from a male perspective. So while his girls have threesomes--mine do not. The heart of my book is really how people act under extreme pressure. The mean girl tensions in my story make it unique.

So are you already itching to get your hands on a copy of this book? Well, in honor of the newly released Spring Breakers movie, LC Kanon is offering you a chance to read her eBook absolutely FREE (original value $6.99)! Hope you'll take advantage of this limited time offer & let me know what you thought of the book! I am already looking forward to the sequel and we all know how patient I can be... ;)


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