Tuesday, April 9, 2013

(Comfy) Tuesday Shoesday!

 This week's Tuesday Shoesday is brought to you by Andrea of To Speak Style. She is touching on a subject I will rarely cover on this blog... flats! 90% of the time you will find me in a pair of 4-inch heels but on the rare occasion that I do opt for a flatter shoe, I think the loafers are a cute alternative. I am not the biggest fan of ballet shoes because they make my feet look like clown shoes, really long and really skinny so I like that loafers have a bit more coverage (and you don't have to worry about toe cleavage!)



Loafers by atice23

Loafers are my security blanket.  While some wear flats for comfort, others wear wedges for height, and many wear heels so stylishly, loafers always end up being my choice of footwear.  There is something that feels refined about loafers.  To most they are reminiscent of menswear and gives an outfit that mixture of a masculine and feminine edge.  To me loafers remind me of one of the first pair of nice shoes I bought as a kid.  I think I was seven or perhaps eight, and I was so used to the yearly sneaker purchase.  I remember receiving these loafers.  They were black, simple, and had what I thought was a big heel back then but was probably just a normal chunk heel on any pair of loafers.  I remember thinking I had a pair of fancy shoes, and thus I treated them like they were fancy.  These were probably one of the first pair of shoes I actually took care of, and they were my absolute favorite.  With nostalgia and sweet memories comes a lifetime love of loafers.  As loafers saw a trend comeback in 2011, the more modern takes are eagerly welcome.  Currently, the smoking loafers with studs are rising in popularity, but for me I'll stick with my modern take on the classic loafer.
Do any of you have a pair of shoes that make you recall sweet memories like Andrea's loafers? Would love to hear about it so please leave a comment... & don't forget to check out her blog
Thanks for sharing your love of loafers with us, Andrea!



  1. Katie of TheMonarchCompany.comApril 9, 2013 at 12:24 PM

    Hmm, maybe I should let Andrea's love of loafers rub off on me. But I think I'm addicted to the Mary Jane -- I like the feeling of security that strap gives me. I don't need to grip with my toes to keep them on, and I'll never walk right out of them like I tend to do with loafers (my mother always blamed it on my narrow heels.) Great post, Andrea.

  2. I love Mary Jane's as well - anything with a strap (T-Strap, ankle strap, etc) is just so much more comfortable and no worries of slipping out! If you need a shoe shopping buddy you know who to call!