Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Shoesday!


Hi shoe lovers! I decided to re-name my weekly round up of shoes to Tuesday Shoesday instead of Fab Footwear Friday... first of all, it has a better ring to it :) and secondly, I apparently suck at getting posts up on time on Fridays - Tuesdays should be better for me now! And I know, I know I have gone MIA again... I have posts scheduled so I am on top of it this week!

Nordstrom is having a HUGE shoe sale... and apparently I am having a strappy shoe moment. I have my eye on those Via Spigas... preferably in the red or blue but since they don't have my size in either color online, I am going to try hunting them down in store... and if I still don't find them, I will settle for the fuchsia as shown here!

Hope you are having a fabulous week! It is supposed to snow again in the next couple days and I am NOT happy about it. The groundhog lied to us! Stay warm lovelies!



  1. Oooo so cute! Love the top right(: Newest follower right here!

    xoxo, Gena

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  2. Love that Nordstrom is having a huge shoe sale!! Isn't Nordstrom just the bees knees? Seriously you could buy you investment pieces all in that one store. I love forward to browsing :)

  3. Honestly - I don't shop at Nordstrom that often... but I am a huge fan of Nordstrom Rack! I am in love with all of the shoes I picked... now it's time to decide which one to get!!!

  4. Thanks so much for commenting & following Gena! Hope to see you around this blog more often :)