Sunday, February 17, 2013


Dress: BCBG MAX AZRIA via TJ Maxx (super cute option for rent) Belt: off an old H&M shirt Shoes: Sam Edelman via ebay (super similar) Clutch: Aldo Earrings: TJ Maxx (old) (identical for $8!) Bangle: Express (old) (similar) Ring: Gift Tights: Nordstrom Rack Hair: Drybar

Two words for ya - Work Prom. Yep, last weekend we had our employee banquet where we announce employee, manager, and department of the year awards, celebrate milestone anniversaries (we had many employees that have been there 30 years!), eat some amazing food, and dance the night away. I love work prom because you get to see all of your co-workers dressed up in their best gear, especially those that you see in a uniform day-to-day and it's an excuse for me to dress up too! As if I ever need an excuse...

This was my first blow out at Drybar and I loved it! I was deciding between a straight up (straight with curled ends) and a cosmopolitan (crazy curls) so my stylist did a little mixture of both. I love how they work with you to really customize your own look! It was $40 and for the type of hair I have, completely worth it. I was going to bring my mom with me (she was my date to prom!) but she has very thin hair that is super easy to manage (air dry & she's done, no styling needed usually! super jealous) so she didn't think it was worth it to spend that money on a blow out, especially when her hair cuts don't even cost that much! I, on the other hand, have super thick hair, it is very coarse, wavy, and annoyingly hard to manage. Whenever I do put in the time and effort to style my hair, it takes almost an hour and a half of my time from the time I start towel drying til I put the finishing touches. (Remember big-hair Mola in the last post?)

I love the detailing on this dress - the 4 quadrants with the alternating ruching in an amazing navy. I thought it needed just a little something extra so I added the belt, which also helped to tie in my black accessories. Have you ever worn a belt with a dress or shirt and it keeps slipping and falling and you find yourself adjusting it all night long? I hate dealing with that so my solution was to sew tiny little belt loops onto the side of the dress! (Okay... I admit... I asked my mom to sew... I am the furthest thing from domestic, remember my get in the kitchen resolution?) I didn't have to adjust my belt once all night... well maybe after I ate too much and needed to loosen it up one notch ;)

Don't you think the spiked details on my shoes and bag match perfectly? When I saw the bag, I knew I had to have it. It just completes any outfit when I wear these two together! I first saw these shoes on Saucy Glossie and it was love at first site... then I did my brother a huge favor and he owed me a pair of shoes (huge favor = planning his wedding in 2 months... but more on that at another time!) and these were instantly the first ones that came to mind. Scouring all the usual sites, I could not locate them but I lucked out on ebay! I (my brother) paid about $30 bucks more but they are so worth it! Super comfortable even with the needle-thin stiletto heel and the spikes are the best feature of all.

Shoe #89! I have been getting great wear out of my beauties lately ;)


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