Friday, February 1, 2013

These Boots Were Made for Walking...


So... I lied. I am sorry. The post did NOT go up yesterday... and I don't even have my day 2 and 3 from Tokyo for you yet! Gahhh! I won't fill your head with all of the excuses I can come up with but How about this? I promise to get the new post up by Saturday morning 9 am EST and if I don't... the first person to call me out on it can take a pair of shoes from my closet! (Your pick... however I am only a size 6-6.5 so be forewarned!) Anyways, moving onto this post...

I know last week I did a bootie round-up but I was so amazed by the beauty of these 4 boots that I wanted to continue the winter inspired shoes! Which is relevant since we just went back down to the 40s after an amazing 70 degree Wednesday! The day ended in a rain storm but at least we were able to enjoy some warmer weather while it lasted! I love that all of these boots are different than the standard knee-high, black leather boots (which is definitely a staple but it's nice to jazz up your footwear every once in awhile!) The basketweave detail on the Taryn Rose's are super unique and would probably hold your leg very comfortably; the gold metal tip on the Rachel Roy's is the perfect detail; embroidered Colin Stuarts? yes please! And the croc printed hue of the Vince Camuto's are a great neutral! Where's my bag of riches so I can order a pair of each?

Have a great weekend shoe lovers!

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