Monday, February 4, 2013

A Lil Bit of Hong Kong

 Corner room calls for panoramic views of Hong Kong! I loved how diverse the terrain here was... urban city, mountain, country, and water all in close proximity!
Wearing Banana Republic cardigan, Express shirt and skinny jeans, Nine West purse and Onitska Tiger sneakers while I take in the beautiful skyline of Hong Kong

 Do you see the tallest building towards the right? That is the International Finance Center as seen in the last Dark Knight movie. My bf was saying that they actually filmed Christian Bale leaping from the IFC1 building to the IFC2 but I couldn't find any proof on that in my quick-2-minute internet research (he also said they weren't 100% happy with the footage so they ended up CGI-ing it anyway... did I just verbalize an acronym? You bet). Either way, mentioning the movie did trigger my memory of how they panned across the Hong Kong skyline in that movie and my first reaction seeing it was "I want to go there." How surreal for that to actually happen!

The view from The Peak

Want to hear my near-death experience in Hong Kong? Okay my bf will tell you that I am over exaggerating but I was scared to death. We hopped on a bus to take us up to The Peak which is high up on a mountain. And you all know that to get to the top of a mountain, you have to drive round and round and round. Sharp curves, blind corners, and a driver going a ridiculous speed were a recipe for disaster! My knuckles were white from how tightly I was holding onto the arm rest... Everytime we had the guard rail on our side of the road, I could just see how high up we were and how steep the way down was... me sitting next to the window was not a good idea. In the end we got there safely but I felt traumatized and grateful for stable ground between my feet!

Being in Hong Kong (a former British colony) called for some High Tea! We chose the Mandarin Oriental and had a cute little display of sandwiches, pastries, and our choice of tea. I tried escargot... (yuck!) but mostly everything else was tasty (especially when it came to the desserts!)

 Wearing an Old Nay cardigan while steeping my English Breakfast tea

While researching where to go and what to do in Hong Kong, I put Ocean Park on my list but didn't actually think we would go. I am a huge roller coaster fanatic and would love if part of every trip involved theme parks but I know it's usually not realistic (unless I am in Orlando, then it is a must!). Love my bf for bringing me here! It was a cute little park that was basically split in the middle by a mountain. Seriously. The only ways to get to the other side were to take a cable car or a train (they drilled a tunnel through the mountain!)

Love water fountains! Wearing Landry by Shelli Segal (via Nordstrom Rack) bomber jacket, Express long-sleeve tee shirt and skinny jeans, Onitsuka Tiger sneakers, Aldo crossbody purse, and Jessica Simpson (via TJ Maxx) sunglasses

Panda!!! I had never been so close to one before. Anytime I go to the DC zoo they are either not out to play or they hang out in the farthest corner from all the gawking tourists. Such a beautiful animal

 Riding in the cable car got me this breathtaking shot! I love how you can see the silhouette of the mountains that are really not that far away and you have the beautiful bay below (see what I mean about the whole city/moutain/water in one place?) It was nice to also have a view from the top of roller coasters!

I know this is just a super long post with a random mash up of Hong Kong pictures (and not really outfit posts) but they make me smile :) If you ever have the chance to visit Hong Kong I highly recommend it. There is so much to experience in terms of food, culture, language, and just the overall atmosphere. I had my bf teach me a little bit of Cantonese before we traveled and while I couldn't understand a lick of what anyone was saying, I could at least (try to) respond with my hello-s, yes-s and no-s. I really cannot believe how much we did in the little time we were in Asia. When I was filling out my customs form, I listed 4 countries that I visited prior to returning to the states! (Canada - just in transit, Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau). I love that I am slowly checking off countries on my "to visit" list and filling up my passport pages too (mission: to have as many passport stamps as my bf!) There will be one last post from this trip and that will be our one night trip to Macau (another Chinese province, a couple hours boat ride away from Hong Kong, also known as the Vegas of Asia)

Happy Monday!


  1. wow such great pictures! that food made me terribly hungry ;)

    lots and lots of love


  2. High tea is a pretty cool experience, I recommend you try it if there is a place closeby to where you live! Thanks for visiting, hope to see you on the blog more often :)

  3. looks like so much fun. that tea thingy sounds awesome too. I would love to visit that place in the future. thank you for stopping by and leaving thoughtful comments. they really make me feel awesome. I am following you now on bloglovin and gfc.

  4. Wow, Hong Kong is very nice!

  5. Hong Kong was AMAZING, Shawna! You have to go visit!!