Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Resolutions

I know I am kind of late in sharing these, but I never sat down and actually put together my resolutions. I usually don't, but I always say things like "I need to work on this" or "I want to learn how to do that." And then I kind of fail horribly at it. I've been reading a lot of other blogs and seeing other resolutions has inspired me to put together my own, to actually see it written out, so that I can look back on it in a year and (hopefully) see the progress.

Whiter Teeth
 Random, I know, but I have always been envious of pearly white teeth. This means flossing every night!

Blemish Free Face
 Wash make up off before I sleep, stop picking at my pimples, and actually follow through with a skincare routine

 I know going from 0 to 60 (in terms of working out) is not realistic for me, but I can at least start by going out for walks a few times a week. It's also a great way to get some fresh air (especially if I can find some pretty parks to walk through like in that pic!)

Scholar Student
 Spring semester will be here before I know it (2 days after I return from my Asia trip to be exact) and I hope to buckle down, put in more effort, and get those high marks!

Snooze No More
I hit the snooze button approximately 396 times every morning. This has to stop! (Side note: I have failed at this the last two days)

More Water / Less Coffee
One big glass in the morning, one big glass at night (water) and limit myself to coffe twice a week (and by coffee I mean sugar-and-caramel-filled-goodness from Starbucks)

Share the Love
I have lots of relatives that live all over the country, and one way I want to share the love is to mail out birthday cards for each of them. It's such a nice personal touch and I know I love that feeling of getting a card in the mail, I hope they love it too!

Tighten the Belt
I have always had a hard time with my finances. I hope to get it on track this year... I already started a spreadsheet so I can track all of my expenses and I went a step further to even forecast future expenses to ensure that I do not spend more than I have. End of the year goal is to save, save, save!

Grow & Develop
This one is in terms of my career. I am ready for a new challenge but have been feeling stuck where I am lately. 2013 will hopefully be my year to grow and develop professionally

Get in the Kitchen!
 I know how to make french toast and over-hard eggs. I make a mean (frozen) pizza and can fry up some frozen chicken wontons like no other. But I cannot cook. A goal for 2013 is to learn how to cook or bake 12 dishes (once a month). Maybe if it turns out well, I can share the recipes with you!

 And finally I want to frame my resolutions and have it by my bed just like Lauren Conrad did here. I am a very visual person so seeing the resolutions I've sent out for myself in front of my face everyday might help trigger my self conscious to get on board!

All images via my Pinterest Resolutions board

What are some of the resolutions you've made for this new year? Did you write them out or do you keep them stored in your brain? Any of the same aspirations that I have listed above? Happy New Year and good luck to everyone on achieving all you strive for :)


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