Sunday, December 30, 2012

Splurge or Save???

Hi!! I hope everyone has been having a great weekend so far (enjoy it - it's the last weekend of 2012!!). 

While I love fashion and shopping, I am definitely guilty of cringing at price tags sometimes. I believe that as long as you put effort into your shopping habits, you can really score some great deals... even on designer-esque items! That is why I want to introduce another re-occuring topic on my blog, "Splurge or Save?" There are plenty of times when I spot a designer item and shortly after I see something very similar in budget stores or vice versa. Seeing this reinforces my thoughts that you do not have to spend your life savings for designer, there are many other options out there for people who can't afford it!

Does the dress on the right look a bit familiar? I wore the dress on the left in my Rocker Chic post a little over a month ago! This J. Mendel dress was originally selling for $2,590 and is on sale for more than 50% off for anyone who is willing to pay that much! While I believe the J.Mendel dress is beautiful and there are features of it I wish my dress had (higher neckline, the full leather back, and leather detailing down the front of the dress) there are parts of it that match my dress almost exactly (the tweed and leather combo, the leather panels on the shoulders, the leather "belt" around the waist, and the full skirt). I bought my dress from H&M almost 2 months ago but I have seen it in stock recently with many different sizes still on the racks. And it'll cost you a whole grand less!

Do you ever notice when you are buying designer influenced items for a fraction of the cost? Does it give you a bit of exhilaration when you realize how much money you are saving? If so, join the club :)

Hope you have a great New Year's celebration all! Wishing everyone lots of love, happiness, and success in 2013 and I hope you will continue to join me on my blogging adventures! In 2013 I will hopefully be starting those work outfits I promised in my first post and updating as often as I can! Sending lots of love, love, love your way!


PS - My mannequin is from Homegoods and although I bought more than a year ago I saw the exact same one in the Fairfax, VA store location a couple days ago! Get it before it's gone!


  1. Oh, I love that dress! xx

    - Victoria

    1. Thank you Victoria! Just took a look through a few of your posts, love it! Happy New Years & cheers to 2013!!

  2. I love finding designer-inspired pieces at great prices! You do get quite a shopping rush, haha.