Friday, November 16, 2012

Rocker Chic

This outfit made me feel a little bit like a rockstar... maybe it's the leather detailing, the mostly monochromatic tone, or the studded booties and purse, but I totally could have been rocking out on my air guitar! \m/

Day 2 in Toronto was just beautiful. I've been to the city a few times now and it seemed like everytime I was up there I would get stuck with rainy, cloudy, teeth-chattering cold... and I hadn't even visited in the winter yet! So I was a very happy girl when I woke up to the sun was shining and the weather a little above 50 degrees.

I have to say, this trench was a lucky find! $20 on the clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack... this is why it can be beneficial to really dig through sale racks and search hanger by hanger in stores! I am a very impatient person, so I can't handle doing it very often but I am happy when the hard work pays off every once in awhile!

Wearing my trusty BCBG booties again. I am notorious for overpacking so lately I have tried to minimize the number of shoes I bring with me on trips. I try to pick a pair that will match with many of the outfits I have already packed (or you could base your outfit choices on the shoes... whatever floats your boat!)

Ever since I received this rose gold Michael Kors watch for my birthday, I have been on the prowl for more pretty and affordable rose gold jewelry. Until I find some really good pieces, I will try my hand at mixing metals. What do you think?

I love this dress! $35 at H&M and I believe they still have it in stock if anyone is interested. It's a great mix of tweed-ish material and leather (hard to see the leather but there are some panels on the shoulders and again around the waist). It also has some sparkly thread intertwined in the tweed to give it that extra pizzazz :)

Trenchcoat: Blanc Noir via Nordstrom Rack Dress: H&M Sweater: Express (old) Purse: Aldo Shoes: BCBGeneration Necklace: Gift Watch: Michael Kors Bracelet: Loft Ring: Mom's Tights: Nordstrom Rack

*Gasp* my first time repeating a pair of shoes! You will learn that I love studded and buckle details on my shoes, I think it can really vamp up the look and keep it from looking too simple.

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~ Kamola

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